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We make all kinds of animations (2D, Cutout, Stop-motion and Motion Graphics), thoroughly or partially for all kinds of clients. Having regard the fact that every project is different and the stages may vary, we’ve made the following outline of an animation production project to illuminate the path to the final product for our clients. This simplified outline may seem quit complex to some of our clients, but it was always our belief that your concerns will be addressed constantly by one of our friendly project managers.

Pre Production

This phase is composed of Story, Storyboarding, Visual Development and Previs. Story is the essence of the animation which is being produced and is called vision of the film. In this step, a script is developed and will be the reference for the whole production process. The script is broken down into scenes in Storyboarding step, which allows the director to envisage the final product in order to make necessary modifications at the early stage of the project. Within an editorial step of the pre-production, a reel consist of the storyboard images, temporary music and scratch voices will be produced which becomes the foundation of the animation. Furthermore, characters, environments, color pallets and backgrounds will be designed in the Visual Development step in order to illuminate the path to the final product. Previs or Pre-Visualization is where the rough output consists of storyboards, characters, environments and backgrounds is produced which can be used directly to produce animation.


This phase of 3D animation production is composed of Modeling and Surfacing, Rigging and Layout, Character animation, Simulation, and lighting which obviously for the purpose of 2D animation will be slightly different. The 2D concept of the animation is transformed into 3D models in Modeling step and color, textures and shaders for the characters are created in Surfacing step. Following, the transformed 3D skeleton will be attached to the character within Rigging step and then a Layout will be prepared. The character is brought to life using computer to pose the character in the Character Animation step. Alongside the character, its belongings which are moving including, feathers, fur and hair will be animated in Simulation step. Finally, the lighting a visual development is designed to create the look and tone.

Post Production:

This stage includes Compositing, Music and Sound Design which are the final steps in producing the animation. Additional elements are brought together with final rendered frames in Compositing step and form the final visage of the animation. Music and sound will be added after having locked the final edit.
Due to the inherent differences in the nature of the projects and in order to tailor the production process to your initial concept and desirable outcome, we would suggest to start with a workshop. In order the final product to become fully representative of your initial concept, we would suggest a brainstorming session in which every concern of our client is addressed and the other working variables will be adjusted based upon.